Welcome to our website, which aims to give you an overview of our work to make the city healthier.

We know it will be a big challenge to address some of the key things that mean Manchester’s health is often worse than other parts of the country. But, it’s a challenge we are up to – with your help – and it’s also a real chance to make a real difference now with how we do things.

This website gives more details, but in essence we need to make some fundamental changes. It means looking at how our health and care systems work – and then joining them so that services work together.

It also means a shift so that we put more focus on stopping people becoming ill in the first place. And, if we bring more care to where we live, this will also keep people independent and out of hospital as much as possible.

In turn that means using our hospitals for when that expertise is the right and best option for patients.

In Manchester we are lucky. All the different elements of the health and care system – including the voluntary sector – have committed to to improving how we plan and fund services, what we provide in the community and how our hospitals can work together.

More than that it’s also a city-wide recognition of how our health connects us to better standards of living, more time with our families and better prospects.

But, most importantly, it’s now time to change how people and public services work together – so that we find new solutions for the future.

Please read on and join the progress to give us all better health.

Yours sincerely,

Sir Richard Leese on behalf of the Health & Wellbeing Board