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We’re on the way to improving the health, wellbeing and chances of a better life for everyone in this city.

It’s a big challenge. Funding gets tighter. But we’ll get big rewards if the different parts our health and care system work in a more joined up way. We must shift the focus of care away from hospitals and into our communities with a strong emphasis on stopping people becoming ill in the first place.

But that’s just part of tackling our city’s health problems. The great potential for Manchester lies in us, the people:

  • feeling able to look after our own and others’ health;
  • building on strong points already there in our varied, vibrant communities to stay fit, happy and connected;
  • accepting the direct links between our health and good jobs, living standards and the chances of a good life for ourselves, our families and the whole city; and
  • breaking the false divides between mental and physical health.

Manchester people have worse health and more deprivation, in general, than England’s average. Heart problems, cancer and breathing diseases are the three main killers.

Our Health

Our population is growing, especially around the city centre, to an estimated 78,000 (13%) more people by 2027. Our population is ageing too, but less than other areas.

We must gear up to meet the needs of increasing numbers of school age children, young adults in their 30s, and in particular, people reaching retirement age. Here are some figures behind our need for change.

Our Services

There’s lots to be proud of in Manchester’s health services and staff: our 90 GP practices, three major hospitals, a mental health trust, pharmacies, optometry practices, dental practices, citywide social care services, a range of health improvement services and many voluntary and community organisations.

Although there’s lots to be proud of, some things must change. Learn more about what needs to change

Our Finances

We spend £1.1bn a year on health and social care. That’s not sustainable. But the reforms we’re working on can bring big rewards. Learn more about our finances

Things people told us

From Friday 1 July 2022, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning - the partnership organisation that delivered the Healthier Manchester Locality Plan became Greater Manchester Integrated Care. Because of this, the decision was made to no longer update this website or the plan itself. For more information on NHS Greater Manchester visit www.gmintegratedcare.org.uk

We’re leading a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the healthier Manchester that people want.