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In the two years since the plan started we’ve been changing things to help it work:

1. We’ve changed how we plan, prioritise and buy health services. It’s now done through a partnership with a more consistent approach and a broader outlook than before, affecting health services, social care and public health for the better. It’s called Manchester Health and Care Commissioning, and we started it in April 2017.

2. Our hospitals have merged into one new organisation that’s improving services and sharing expertise, info and resources across the city. It’s called Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, and we started it in October 2017. It brings together all hospitals previously part of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. North Manchester General Hospital will also be part of this new trust.

3. There’s now more care closer to people’s homes – out of hospitals – helping people to stay independent and well. This work is driven by the new Manchester Local Care Organisation, which we started in April 2018.

4. Our mental health services have gained strength by joining together into a single organisation in 2017, which has helped to avoid fragmentation and has made the system better for patients. It’s called Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, following the merger of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The changes to our structures are only part of what’s needed; the key to a healthier Manchester and to reducing health inequalities is people – like you. We must all change the way we think and act about our own health, the health of those we love and care for, the health of our wider neighbourhood, and of the communities that make up our city.

Of course, we’ll always provide the care and support people need. However, with your new ideas added and with the people of Manchester behind it, this plan can be the boost needed to give all Manchester people the healthier life that will help them and our whole city to thrive.

Find out some of the brilliant things people are doing to create a healthier Manchester.



From Friday 1 July 2022, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning - the partnership organisation that delivered the Healthier Manchester Locality Plan became Greater Manchester Integrated Care. Because of this, the decision was made to no longer update this website or the plan itself. For more information on NHS Greater Manchester visit www.gmintegratedcare.org.uk

We’re leading a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the healthier Manchester that people want.