Manchester Care Record FAQs

We know you may have more questions on how the Manchester Care Record works, so we’ve summarised some points below to help:

When and how do I give my permission for people to see my records?
You will be asked for your consent each and every time a care professional who is directly involved in your care wants to access your Manchester Care Record (which brings together all your existing health information, including your GP record, hospital records or social care records).

Can I change my mind?
Yes. You can change your mind at any point.

Who will be able to view my information?
Information will only be accessed by health and social care professionals who are involved in your care. Most importantly, they will only be able to access information relevant to their input in your care if you have given your consent.

Will sensitive information be included in it?
Information which is not relevant to your care or is sensitive will not be incorporated into your Manchester Care Record. For example, HIV status and terminations will not be included. If you are worried about information you don’t want shared, please speak to your GP.

What about an emergency situation?
In an emergency situation where you are not able to give your consent, your care professional can request emergency access to view your record. They will need to have good reasons for this, and it will be recorded for a follow-up investigation.

Who will control access to my records?
The Manchester Care Record is only accessible within a secure NHS network. The system has been built with confidentiality and security at its heart. Only health and care professionals who are involved in your care will have access to the system and your record, and only if you give consent. The system also has built-in additional safety features that keeps a log of access to your Manchester Care Record.