Our Manchester Approach

Manchester mantra puts people power first

In March 2016, the council and partner organisations launched the Manchester Strategy. This describes the vision for the city up to 2025 and was based on a consultation with people who live here, businesses, staff and partner organisations to describe what their ‘dream’ Manchester would be.

Within the strategy there is a major commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives here, as well as having more active children and adults. This is recognition of how improved health connects people to better jobs, opportunities, living standards and quality time with their loved ones.

The strategy sets out what we all want Manchester to be: how we deliver that is a joint role. No one person or organisation can do this alone – which is why it is called the Our Manchester approach.

Diagram of the Our Manchester Principles
Our Manchester Principles

The approach also sums up a new relationship between people who live here and public services. It focuses on the strengths we already have in our communities – like parks and neighbourhood groups – and asks local people what they would do to make things better in their own areas.

This is so that there is new proactive vigour to delivering services, instead of following a traditional route.

This is also why, we asked people about the city’s budget priorities; services and places they value and use in the city – and how their communities could contribute. People were also asked to rank which services are most important to them.

Health and social care was the second-most mentioned service.

Making Manchester healthier and more active also ranked highly.

Manchester people also outlined the importance of both mental health and disability services.