Manchester Care Record

You have told us you don’t want to have to repeat yourself every time you see a different doctor, nurse or visit hospital. This can be stressful and take too long.

The reason you’ve had to do this until now is because every health and social care organisation holds a different set of records about you.  That’s why we’re launching the Manchester Care Record. Held on a secure computer system, it brings together all of your existing health information – including your GP record, hospital records or social care records – to make sure you receive the right care at the right time.

What are the benefits of information sharing for me as a patient?

  • You don’t have to keep repeating your medical history
  • Unnecessary duplicate hospital tests can be avoided
  • Care professionals will have access to all the right information when they need it, helping improve treatment and care
  • Patient records will still be safe and secure

What information is contained in your Manchester Care Record? 

  • Your name, address and NHS number to help identify you correctly
  • Medicines you are taking
  • Allergies
  • Test Results
  • Any bad reactions to medicines in the past
  • Social Care Summary  – support from social services, for example
  • Hospital Record Summary – details of operations, for example
  • Mental Health Summary  – details of any mental health support or treatment, for example
  • It also records whether you have given permission for your information to be viewed


illustration of joined up records

Permission (also known as ‘consent’)

Your Manchester Care Record will be created for you automatically as your GP Practice signs up to the new system. However, your Manchester Care Record will only be viewed with your permission. You are in control. You will be asked for your permission each and every time a care professional who is directly involved in your care wants to access your Manchester Care Record. You can say “Yes” or “No”.

Find out more about the Manchester Care Record.

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