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The Our Manchester Strategy sets out the ambition for the whole city in 2025 to be thriving, filled with talent, fair, a great place to live, and buzzing with connections.

Our Manchester also sums up what we have to do to achieve that vision, and how we have to change, think and act to make it happen using the Our Manchester principles:

  • Better Lives – it’s about people;
  • Listening – we listen, learn and respond;
  • Recognising strengths of individuals and communities –  we start from strengths;
  • Working together – we build relationships and create conversations.

Key priorities include:

  • radically better health and care as partners come together to transform and integrate services;
  • putting people at the heart of these joined-up services;
  • more focus on preventing illness;
  • older people staying independent for longer; and
  • recognising the importance of work as a health outcome and health as a work outcome.

The Our Manchester strategy acknowledges the challenges. Poor physical and mental health remains a critical issue in Manchester with some of the worst health and wellbeing in the country. The strategy says we must “radically change health outcomes over the next decade” with a focus on preventing illness, transforming care and unlocking the potential within communities.

Measures of our progress towards the Our Manchester vision include levels of childhood obesity, number of deaths from respiratory or circulatory diseases or cancers, life expectancy, expected good health post-65 and emergency hospital admission rates.

Watch the short film here on YouTube about the Our Manchester Behaviours

Community based care

The Our Manchester strategy has many similarities in approach to our new way of working – Manchester Local Care Organisation.  The Manchester Local Care Organisation (MLCO) are working to transform health and social care in Manchester which will see primary care, community health and social care staff joined up in 12 neighbourhood teams working together with local people, delivering out-of-hospital services.

In line with the Our Manchester approach, services will work together providing personalised support that helps people manage their health conditions better, stay independent, and get their health services closer to home – keeping more people out of hospital.


From Friday 1 July 2022, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning - the partnership organisation that delivered the Healthier Manchester Locality Plan became Greater Manchester Integrated Care. Because of this, the decision was made to no longer update this website or the plan itself. For more information on NHS Greater Manchester visit www.gmintegratedcare.org.uk

We’re leading a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the healthier Manchester that people want.