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Mental health services are being transformed for the better – by working together with service users, carers and clinicians. Some examples of work underway include:

  • providing therapy from trained and accredited practitioners for people who have common mental health conditions, with regular monitoring of progress
  • better access to services for people who need emergency hospital care
  • providing more and better services in the community, including 24/7 home based treatment teams
  • patients having ready points of contact for mental health services in general hospitals
  • providing an appropriate place for people to be placed if they are “sectioned” – this is when they are moved to a place of safety for assessment due to mental illness

We are also aiming to reduce the numbers of people who have to be cared for away from home in Manchester by:

  • improving access and capacity in psychiatric intensive care
  • improving the way rehabilitation is carried out

Mental health services are working with community groups and organisations that support people who may be vulnerable to mental health difficulties to work directly with residents in their communities.

The friendship, participation and sense of belonging that comes from taking part with community activities will enable people to look after themselves and each other. This will reduce the demand for hospital or other professional support by helping to prevent people reaching crisis point.