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Healthier Manchester – the Our Manchester approach

Better health is an essential part of the new ambition the whole of Manchester has set for itself by 2025.  We can only reach this ‘Our Manchester vision’ through unprecedented collaboration and radical change to the way we all work together, focussing the whole of Manchester’s industry, creativity and innovation and harnessing our collective knowledge, skills and time. Public, private and voluntary organisations, residents and volunteers are now working together to make Our Manchester a reality. Healthier Manchester plays a vital part.

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Manchester’s Locality Plan

We’ve set out our vision for improving health and social care in Manchester in A Healthier Manchester, our locality plan which details the first five years of transformation work needed with:

  • more focus on prevention and enabling people to look after themselves;
  • putting what matters to the person first;
  • developing and connecting services and facilities in communities that support people’s health and wellbeing

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Manchester Care Record

We are combining your health and care record and keeping them in one place.

That means you won’t need to tell your medical and care history every time you meet your GP, hospital doctor, nurse or social worker – they will have it already.

You will be asked for your permission every time your Manchester Care Record is looked at. It is also held securely and confidentially.

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Mental Health

Mental health services are being transformed for the better – by working together with service users, carers and clinicians.

Services are being improved in providing therapy, home-based community support, better mental health liaison in hospitals and improvement in emergency care.

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