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Healthy Households

We want healthy households where people look after their family and friends, stay active, learn about and look after their physical and mental health and have an active social life.

Cartoon diagram showing family in front of their home and the words ‘Healthy Households. Looking after ourselves, our family and friends.’ Seven captions on the diagram read: healthy living, home safety, active social life, learning about health, staying active, looking after mental health, and practical care and support.


Healthy Neighbourhoods

We want healthy neighbourhoods with good transport, leisure, social and cultural activities, information and advice.

Areas with good neighbours who are happy to do something for others enjoy many benefits and residents suffer less from the physical and mental side-effects of loneliness.

We must understand the connection between good work conditions and good health. We must focus not just on getting people into work, but making sure that jobs support good health and that careers progress through working life. Being out of work is linked with a 20% higher rate of preventable death, and long-term unemployment brings much higher rates of mental health problems. Being out of work is also linked with higher rates of smoking and drinking, and less physical activity. Getting back into work improves health – as long as it’s good quality work with clear expectations, career development and staff can influence their work.

Community-based Care

We’re working together to transform health and social care for the people of Manchester.

The Manchester Local care Organisation (MLCO) was launched in April 2018 to deliver person-centred, place-based care for the people of Manchester.  Find out more about Manchester Local Care Organisation.

Hospital Services

Our plans for Manchester’s Single Hospital Service builds on the  high quality expert care our hospitals already provide, by working closer together as part of the same organisation.

By creating the Single Hospital Service , we can make sure that we have:

  • Consistently high standards of services at all hospitals across Manchester
  • Stronger teams sharing specialised skills throughout the day and night
  • Better continuity of care wherever patients are treated
  • Joined-up patient records and IT systems
  • More opportunities to attract and keep the best staff
  • Increased opportunities to attract research funding

Single Hospital Service

Cartoon diagram showing a worker on a computer at her desk with a large caption saying One Team. Two sets of smaller captions surround her: six captions are medical – diagnosis, physio, medication reviews, health and wellbeing advice, blood tests, and minor ailments. Eight captions list other aspects of making it happen with One Team – GP, occupational therapy, community pharmacy, health visitors, community nursing, managing long-term conditions, mental health support and social work.

Making it work

Better health is an essential part of the new ambition the whole of Manchester has set for itself by 2025.

We can only reach this ‘Our Manchester vision’ through unprecedented collaboration and radical change to the way we all work together, focussing the whole of Manchester’s industry, creativity and innovation and harnessing our collective knowledge, skills and time. Public, private and voluntary organisations, residents and volunteers are now working together to make Our Manchester a reality.

Our Healthier Manchester plays a vital part within this, read more about how we will be making it work.  We also have a video about the Our Manchester approach.

We’ve also summed up our vision for Manchester in the Manchester Strategy


From Friday 1 July 2022, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning - the partnership organisation that delivered the Healthier Manchester Locality Plan became Greater Manchester Integrated Care. Because of this, the decision was made to no longer update this website or the plan itself. For more information on NHS Greater Manchester visit www.gmintegratedcare.org.uk

We’re leading a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the healthier Manchester that people want.