Hospital services

New single hospital trust is a first for city and beyond

The ambition of the Single Hospital Service programme is to radically improve hospital care for patients in our city by aligning and coordinating services more effectively. Bringing hospitals together to form one new Trust will provide much better, safer, more consistent hospital care that’s fit for the future for the City of Manchester, Trafford and beyond. It will also bring many opportunities for us to grow our research, education and investment into our region, and attract highly skilled staff.

The programme of work started after the results of an independent review led by Sir Jonathan Michael. The recommendation to create one new organisation providing hospital services to the people of Manchester was endorsed by Manchester’s Health and Wellbeing Board.

Who is involved in this?

Firstly, in project one, Central Manchester Foundation Trust and University Hospital South Manchester will join together to create a new Foundation Trust in September 2017. Then, in project two, the plan is for North Manchester General Hospital, currently part of The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust – PAHT, to join the new organisation around 12-18 months later.

The new city-wide hospital Trust will mean that we can deliver much better, safer and more consistent quality of care across all hospital sites involved: Manchester Royal Infirmary, Royal Manchester Eye Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and University Dental Hospital of Manchester (collectively known as the Oxford Road campus), Wythenshawe Hospital, Withington Community Hospital, Trafford General Hospital and Altrincham Hospital, and North Manchester General Hospital in due course.

All of this will not only benefit people living in the City of Manchester and Trafford, it will benefit patients from across Greater Manchester who use our hospitals.

What does it mean for the future?

Creating a new, single hospital Trust of this scale has not been done before, it’s a first and Manchester is truly breaking new ground. It will also see the development and implementation of new clinical service models to benefit patients. Clinicians – doctors, nurses and allied health professionals from the three hospitals are leading this work.

Approvals for the new city-wide Trust are needed from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and NHS Improvement (formerly Monitor and the Trust Development Authority). It is expected a decision will be made in summer 2017 and the new Foundation Trust created in September 2017.

Once the new Trust has been established, the plan is for North Manchester General Hospital to join around 12-18 months later. During this time, the three Trusts and their staff will continue to work together on the planning and implementation of the Single Hospital Service Programme.


Potential benefits of a Single Hospital Service include:

  • Better continuity of care wherever you are treated
  • Consistently high standards of services at all hospitals
  • Stronger teams sharing specialised skills 24/7
  • Greater case to attract and keep the best staff
  • More joined up patient record and clinical systems
  • Less duplication and waste across sites
  • Increased opportunities to attract research funding