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Our population is growing, especially around the city centre, to an estimated 78,000 (13%) more people by 2027.  oUr population is ageing too, but less than other areas.

We must gear up to meet the needs of increasing numbers of school children, young adults in their 30s, and in particular, people reaching retirement age.

– 36% of children in low income families;
– life expectancy 7 years less than the richest parts of the country;
– Manchester men die 4 years before the England average and women 3 years before.

We must reduce these health inequalities with the rest of England, and other mismatches within the city, as well as build on some of our successes which include:

  • 39% fewer infant deaths in the last ten years
  • 58% less teenage pregnancy since 2001;
  • 55% of residents doing the recommended level of exercise;
  • 27% reduction in children aged 10 and under going to hospital to have teeth taken out since 2011;
  • 17% average improvement since 2001 in one-year survival from all cancers;
  • 1% fewer smokers from 2015;
  • 44% reduction in preventable early deaths from heart disease since 2001-03.