Commissioning services

Council and NHS commissioners pool funds for joined up services and value of money

The main people who plan and fund health and social care are Manchester City Council and Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

In April 2017 these two organisations joined together in a new partnership called Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. The aim of a single commissioning function is to make better use of a shared, or pooled budget for the city.

This will help ensure that services are better joined up for patients, more value for money and part of a wider approach to reduce the split between physical, mental and social support.

What services will it commission?

Initially the single function will include all CCG commissioning, public health and adult social services (apart from safeguarding) – with aspects of children’s services to be included at a later date.

What does it mean for combined CCG and council working?

The former North, South and Central Manchester CCGs merged in April 2017 to form Manchester CCG. The city-wide CCG holds a partnership agreement with the council through Manchester Health and Care Commissioning.